The Bride by Alexis
Artisans and Made in Italy
Let yourself be inspired by our tips

"If a woman is badly dressed, people notice her clothes. If she is impeccably dressed, people notice her." - Coco Chanel

Our jewellery footwear takes the idea of bridal flip-flops to perfection and beyond. What you are about to purchase is unique footwear. Our products are dedicated to the bride who wants to live her wedding day in an active, vivacious way from start to finish, combining elegance with originality at all times.

Comfortable and feminine
Crafts and Made in Italy
Refined design
Precious materials and accessories

Crafts and Made in Italy

Stylish and completely hand-made, our footwear typifies Italians' love and passion for top quality products. Production demands hours and hours of skilful, creative work. During this time, our unrivalled expertise and passion give rise to a truly unique product worthy of the name "The Bride by Alexis".

Made in Italy

Refined Design

We offer an extensive choice of elegant, sinuous and feminine bridal flip-flops and sandals under the "The Bride by Alexis" name. All our models are designed to satisfy the needs of the bride and to express her personality through beautiful yet comfortable footwear. Our offering is made up of two families of jewellery footwear:

  • Ring Sandals: romantic and precious.
  • Classic Sandals: sensual and desirable.

Select your favourite model and let yourself be convinced by its sheer beauty.


Precious materials and accessories

At The Bride by Alexis, we find true satisfaction in our work and pride in our products by focusing on quality.

That is why we select only the best raw materials to make every part of our jewellery sandals and flip-flops, starting with the top quality PVC we use for the soles, rigorously free from the low molecular weight phthalates that are so hazardous to health and the environment.

Every filigree and metal accessory is carefully designed and hand crafted using tin or silver solder. These unique details are not commercially available and cannot be purchased separately.

They are then subjected to a delicate, electrical galvanising process that coats them in pure gold or silver, materials chosen not only for their unquestionable prestige but for their functionality too: both metals are strong and nickel free.

Finally, the accessories are adorned with sparkling Swarovski and Preciosa crystals and stones in plexi-crystal or other shapes and colours to bring the finished creation to life.