Wedding Dresses 2018: The Main Trends.

The New York Bridal Fashion Week 

What will the brides wear in 2018?

What are the trends that will make us dream?

Many new attires and looks were presented on the catwalks of the 2018 New York Bridal Fashion Week (05/10/2017 – 09/10/2017). Some are definitely innovative and original, while others reinterpret and reproduce elements and details of the past.

One thing is for sure: variety is the watchword for 2018!
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How to plan a Honeymoon

There’s nothing better than a memorable honeymoon to get over the stress accumulated over the months leading up to your wedding!

Especially if you are not experienced in organising holidays, however, it can be difficult to plan and arrange every move, with the risk of great frustration and dissatisfaction.

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Marriage in the world

Every culture has its own customs! 

Moved by the curiosity of knowing even more deeply our world, we have selected for you the most interesting, romantic and curious rites connected to the wedding day.

India and henna

The night before the wedding, the women of the bride’s family come together to decorate the her feet and hands with the traditional “Mehndi” patterns, created using henna and symbolising joy, beauty and spiritual awakening.Continue Reading →

What is Sudden Repulsion Syndrome and what can you do to overcome it?

Imaging the situation:

You have butterflies in your stomach, you can’t wait to see him again, you spend your time planning romantic days out and trying to get each other’s friends together too (because they are really lovely people!). Perhaps you have already set the date for your wedding, or perhaps he has just proposed, naturally during the course of an absolutely wonderful evening.

Then one day you wake up and the butterflies have gone, the way he talks gets on your nerves and you can’t understand why on earth he insists on tasting the food on your plate.
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The bride 2017: tattoo dresses

One of the most striking trends in this first half of 2017 has been the rise of the tattoo wedding dress. Much loved by leading fashion houses and much desired by all brides, tattoo dresses have rapidly conquered the catwalks and the hearts of the women (and men!) with their uniquely ethereal look. A tattoo dress is perfect for the sophisticated, slim, daring bride. Its transparence only adds fascination and elegance to her inevitably feminine personality.
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The Bouquet

The bouquet is a fundamental part of a bride’s outfit. It confers character and style on the dress, adds a touch of colour and (let’s admit it!) makes everything that much more magical and romantic.
In recent years, bouquet flowers have become so refined and exotic that we often forget about the flower that brides have always dreamed of: the rose.

In marriage planning circles, the poor old rose has gradually assumed a reputation as too traditional or even boring. For this reason fewer and fewer brides choose to include it in their floral accessories for the big day.

Yet there are at least two excellent reasons for choosing the rose as the protagonist of your bouquet.
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